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What is Sprachaustausch?

Sprachaustausch is a special system of learning a language by exchanging knowledge with other people. It runs according to the principle that two people with different native languages learn from one another and improve their language skills. This study approach is special because it enables a cultural exchange where also simple listening is effective. Studying outside of the lecture-room also has the advantage of a more relaxing atmosphere.

The idea: I spent 2 exchange semesters in Spain. Whenever I came home from my stays abroad, I really missed the Spanish way of life and I wanted to get to know Spanish people in my home country to practice and intensify my language skills. As I did not want to lose the language ( I had put so much effort into learning it), I had the idea to develop a Sprachaustausch FORUM on the Internet. With this forum I hope to make it easier for you to learn a foreign language. At the same time I want to give everyone the opportunity to get in touch with people beyond their national border, which can also result in a lifelong friendship.

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